The Smart Way To Develop an App Like Zoom

The Smart Way To Develop an App Like Zoom

During this crucial time of the pandemic, our lives have undergone some significant changes. One of which is everything turning into a virtual or online mode, starting from shopping online, getting everything delivered to your doorstep, conducting online classes, and working from home. Conducting meetings and classes online has been possible through the application called zoom.

What we have to understand is that zoom is just one application. In this situation of the pandemic, all sorts of classes and meetings are being conducted online worldwide. Hence, just one application would not be enough. This also creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop an app like zoom. If you want to build your app, navigate to this website for the best zoom app clone.

Usually, a classroom or meeting includes a large number of people. A normal video cannot hold such a huge number. Zoom makes it easier for us. A minimum of 100 people can join in one zoom call.

Basic Features Possessed by a Video Conferencing App

Any video conferencing app should have some fundamental features. These are given below:

Screen Sharing

During an office meeting, presenting an idea or sharing some information is done by showing slides. While conducting any of such meetings online, everyone looks at their computer screen, and there is no common projector. This is where screen sharing comes in. By sharing your computer screen, others present in that meeting will be able to see your screen or a presentation created by you.

Multiple Web Cameras

Having access to multiple web cameras helps you look at all the members present in the meeting. This also helps greatly in communication. This is very helpful as the only source of recognizing someone virtually is by hearing their voice and looking at them.

Chat Features

Apart from audio-visual features, video conferencing apps should also possess chat features. Say you want to state your opinion on something, but do it without disturbing the meeting. You can type it out in the chatbox in such cases.


At times, we want to record a meeting or presentation in case we cannot attend it on time. Recording features can be of use in such circumstances. But it should also come with a storage facility. Otherwise, people would face difficulty in finding space to store it.

Ways To Develop a Video Conferencing App

We begin by focusing on some crucial steps that should be followed while developing a conference app:


For your app to reach a larger audience, it must be compatible with all operating systems, namely, android and iOS. Supporting both of these devices will make it user-friendly.

Frontend and Backend Development-

Frontend is what a user sees and experiences, and backend is built on. It is necessary to develop a proper backend server so that your app can run smoothly.

User Interface Design-

UI is where a user comes in contact with the app to experience it. The UI of your app speaks of your service and is the first thing to create an impression. Hence, it is necessary to have a good user interface.

The Two Vital Aspects That Zoom Offers are-

The Cloud Network:

Several data centers in the zoom app are linked to one another through exclusive connections, kept under close surveillance.

Experts maintain these connections. This set of networks helps the users to run the app smoothly without facing any hurdles.

Having such a kind of network that building your app makes it a friendly one.

Video Architecture:

Zoom’s video architecture is designed in a way that can be distributed over a central network, which allows users to join any meeting through a private connection closest to a data center. Thousands of people can join in one meeting without any interruption in their video.

Multimedia routing bridges any gap between the participant’s device and the client’s device, expanding and scaling it up.

Proactive application layer quality enhances the quality of the audio, video, screen sharing across all devices.

These are some of the core features of Zoom. Keeping these aspects in mind, you can build your conferencing app at present. Using open-source technology can ease up your process of app development. Do not forget to rectify the areas where other apps have made a mistake.

Zoom achieved 2.5 million users in 2020. It is also said that zoom and other video conferencing apps will incur 20 billion dollars by 2024. Zoom has provided us with an outline of conferencing apps, and developing one like the zoom is not very difficult from this point on.

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