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How Can Data Science Solve Your Marketing Problems?

With the abundance of structured and unstructured information offered by prospective customers every minute of the day via the internet, organizations are left with large pools of information to sift through. Data science is the process of successfully analyzing this information to discover valuable intelligence. It offers more robust guidelines for better decision-making.

Data science combines models around math and computer science to produce actionable insights. It minimizes the risks around venturing into new territories and reveals meaningful insights helping businesses solve problems with heightened accuracy.

It is essential to understand data science and data analytics are not the same things. While the processes have overlapping elements, data analytics is used to make real-time decisions, while data science can plan for the future. This helps a business understand patterns within the marketing space and creates a blueprint for campaign marketers to enhance their results.

Data science shines the brightest when used for campaign analysis by;

Offering More Robust Profiling and Segmentation

The success of a marketing campaign is heavily contingent on understanding the intended audience. Data science allows organizations to analyze their ideal customers, allocating unique characteristics, while segmentation will enable marketers to create subgroups within their existing customer database.

When segmentation and profiling are combined, businesses can group unique characteristics of prospects and customers alike, crafting more personalized campaigns. The result is more robust relatability and the likelihood of completing a purchase.

Attribution Modelling

Marketing channels are critical to effective marketing. Today’s business environment requires an omnichannel approach. However, it is quite common to find one channel or a set of channels doing significantly better than others. Customers are no longer reliant on the last touchpoint of interaction to drive their demand but rather cumulate all interactions with a brand across all channels they encounter to push the decision-making process.

Using attribution modeling, marketers can employ data science to measure each interaction prospects’ impact and customers’ contact with their marketing channels. This allows marketers to develop a transparent understanding of what positively affects the bottom line and make changes to strengthen future campaigns.

Predictive Models

Predictive modeling is a technique that helps marketers understand how groups of prospects or customers are likely to respond based on demographic characteristics or previous purchasing patterns. Businesses can use these models to predict where effort would be better concentrated and decide on the more strategic ad and resource placement.

The result; more engaging marketing campaigns that demonstrate the intended value around a product or service.

Gauging Market Size

Market sizing and sensing help organizations understand a market’s capability of generating revenue through product or service purchasing. This allows marketers to know how heavily to invest in campaign resources. And adjust the levels of investment based on the prospects of returns.

This method helps businesses minimize unnecessary expenditure and concentrate resources on activities with a higher likelihood of success. Not just for visibility but practical financial purposes.

The above methods detail how data science can effectively address common marketing problems; understanding the customer and approaching them best. Data science allows businesses to positively impact every stage of the marketing process from planning to deployment and is strongest around the analysis.

However, data science is not a one size fits all solution. It is up to the organization to decide how to concentrate efforts best and introduce models and techniques. That not only create desirable results but also does not consume large amounts of resources and time. It is not uncommon for these tasks to be outsourced to data science consultancy firms. When conducted by experienced professionals, data science consulting can help businesses meet their marketing goals without the risks of guesswork.

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