5 Common Cyber Security Issues Every User Should Know About (In 2022)

5 Common Cyber Security Issues Every User Should Know About (In 2022)

With almost everything getting online, cases of data breaches have reached an unprecedented level.

Every piece of information is stored in the cloud and easily accessible to millions of users. You never know when situations can turn around and you become victims of cybercrimes.

From passwords to credit card details, nothing is hidden. There is no open threat to this sensitive information, but cybersecurity faces several challenges like ransomware, malware attacks, etc.

To help you protect your vital information from any potential threat, we curated this list of 5 common cyber security issues every user should know about in 2022.

Cloud Attacks are the Real Danger

People have all kinds of personal or professional information stored in the cloud. However, individuals do not have to worry much about such cyber security issues as these attacks are mainly focused on big businesses.

There have been incidents where personal pictures of several celebrities were leaked to the public.

Big enterprises and government organizations are the biggest targets of cloud attacks as these attacks are carried out for a larger mission such as institutional dis-function, terrorism, etc.

Attacks Regarding Ransomware

With the rising number of Ransomware cases in recent years, this number is expected to increase in 2022. Now, this requires extra attention for sure.

According to Sophos, around 82% of organizations have faced these cyberattacks in the past 6 months in India alone. It can be understood as when someone hacks your account and changes the password, thus disallowing you to log in.

They later ask for money in return for the new login credentials. Enterprises are forced to pay the ransom without the passwords, and they won’t be able to carry out their daily operations.

The problem of Phishing attack

In this kind of attack, hackers don’t steal user credentials for ransom or data leak but use them.

Generally, phishing attacks involve stealing credit or debit card numbers, OTP’s, and other sensitive bank account details. Hackers make online purchases or transfer the money to their accounts.

The phishing cases are significantly higher than others as most people are unfamiliar with cyber-security awareness and lack a general understanding of keeping confidential information hidden.

Attacks on Cryptocurrency

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are still in their infancy stage, with several flaws that give enough space to the hackers to steal off-the-record information.

Millions of dollars are at stake in these attacks, which amounts to a huge loss for companies and individuals.

Several crypto attacks like DDOS, Sybil, etc., make it more crucial for organizations to remain safe. These challenges to cyber security can cost a huge fortune.

Loopholes in Software

Digital devices are used in many ways and are going through constant up-gradation. We have come a long way in technological advancement, but no software is still perfect.

There are some minute loopholes, and hackers take advantage of the same. Users and companies often don’t care to upgrade the software to the latest version, and from here, all the problem begins.

To fight back against these cyber-security challenges, we need to be one step ahead of hackers. For this, keep your eyes and brain open and also keep upgrading the software.

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